Can I tell you a story that few seem to know?

Success isn’t paved on diamond roads.

Achievement doesn’t begin with a silver spoon.

Love rarely blooms because you want it too.

No golden ticket will guarantee your win.

Belief in God, doesn’t mean pain won’t exist.

Anger won’t heal any faster with revenge.

Pain won’t cease any sooner with your tears.


love & war

“The Trenches of Love & War”

You try to bury your pain & sorrow inside the innocent;

too naive & young to actually witness it.

The greater your anger the deeper you dig,

until one day you realize the dirt you dug up was all your own shit.

Above ground for everyone to see,

thinking if you stand still they won’t notice you’re hiding behind what you’ve reaped.

I feel sorry for those affected by the stench,

of the past you never got over that’s affecting your decisions.

I said, I feel sorry for those inhaling your stench,

cause the hole you dug for everyone else is protecting them.

What will you do when your past comes for you?

Where will you hide when they uncover the truth?

Exhausted from the weight of shoveling with your pride,

now you’ve got no strength left to deal with all the lies.


I can envision when karma ‘drops the mic’,

see the acidic tears you’re going to cry.

There is no joy that I’ll take in your pain,

but the Truth comes for everyone to cleanse love again.

Fully expected to end up in this trench,

knowing full well that God’s already blessed it.

Had no idea the hole you dug was God’s work

and every foot you dug covered you in your own dirt.

Thank you for once again doing all the labor, barely love yourself,

never expected you to love me as your neighbor.


Run yourself weary trying to catch up to my greatness,

but you’re running a race where you’re the only contestant.

I only chase after The Way, The Light & The Truth;

flesh and bone can’t do for me what God can do.

I pray you figure it out for the benefit of you

and the naive you poison so they’ll embrace Him too.


What sense would it make to fear you?

Kill with your words, but guess what’s coming for you?

No weary fingers, sore back, not even a chipped nail;

we’ll stay right here while you condemn yourself.


Subliminal messages ain’t sublime,

instead of building your nation you’re focused on mine;

living in a glass house you need, to be careful where you walk & the words you speak.

Cause we can see your jealousy is showing,

and that the winds of change are steadily blowing,

and that you’re living in poverty not prosperity;

if you focus on your focus there’s more to life you’ll see.




“Black Coffee”

She calls herself Black Coffee, cause her love is stronger than caffeine.

She keeps that man running all night, chasing the aroma of her self esteem.

Her skin tastes like chocolate, as smooth and seductive as black silk;

she heats his nights and get’s his day started.

He always comes back for refills.



“Excuse Me While I Walk”

Excuse me while walk?

I didn’t mean to step on your toes on my way to God’s purpose.

I didn’t see you lying on the path, therefore under my feet, you became flooring.

Had I known you were there I would have asked you to move.

Pardon my forceful nature, but I walk in authority, so it may come off as rude.

Excuse me while I walk

My spine was not always strong, regardless of what is suggested.

I had to adjust my diet, and be more mindful of what my spirit was digesting.

I had to exercise my thoughts, to make sure my body and mind stayed clean.

I had to dump the dead weight, that my purse was harboring.

I had to put on my walking shoes, so that I’d be comfortable for my journey.

Once I gave it all to God, I had neither an issue nor a worry.

Excuse me while I walk?

Passing you by was not in the plan;

But somewhere along the lines, you felt all you had to do was stand.

I couldn’t stay still, I had to keep going;

Darkness was steady coming, and the light was steady moving.

I am lead by the light, and in the light is where I’ll stay;

A child of God does not reside in darkness, so when God moves, I’m on my way.

Excuse me while I walk?

You have no clue from whence I came, you were not there, as I was crawling;

Sometimes I ran to get away,

Other times I sat, crying…sobbing, dare not envy my passageway.

The rugged cross that I did carry, was designed for me come what may;

where you are, is not where you’re going.

I also had to pass this way.

Excuse me while I walk!



“No Tomorrow”

Kiss me like there’s no tomorrow,

and I’ll believe all that you say.

Cause on this night I’m yours to borrow,

and you may have your way with me.

Speak to me with no words,

but whisper desires of your fantasies;

and I’ll be sure to rapidly make those desires realities.




“The love of destruction kills any signs of life, yet you question the isolation your actions decree, why?  You reason that it is not wrong to fulfill such savage cravings, when denying them only seems to make them greater.  So eat, devour your entree of decay; drink, quench your thirst for the forbidden fruits of your neighbors along the way.  And when you’re done, notice that you’re eating alone; there are no guests at your table, they’ve all run off.  Distracted by your feast, you didn’t notice a single one leave.  Lonely becomes your label when you burn every bridge that leads. ” – Kay D. –


“A Man’s World”

This is a man’s world, the Bible supports this truth.

But women are significant, so men don’t be fooled.

Women are the axis on which this world spins,

providing it with balance and direction.

WE are the water, supporting life and bringing forth ethnicity,

spreading across the land and consuming all that it “seas”.

WE are the fruit men eat to live,

WE are the oxygen that plants give.

WE are the lightening in the storm, when others do us harm.

WE are the warm heat from the sun,

WE are the cold when Summer’s gone.

WE are the ground beneath your feet,

WE are the roots of trees.

For no man can stand without support,

and no man has legacy until life is brought forth.

Man may have come before Eve,

but where would he be if she decided to leave?




God gave me dark skin to make me as beautiful on the outside as I am within,

He didn’t skimp on any of my ingredients,

A bright smile, and hourglass figure and plenty of pigment;

To protect me from the harsh conditions…..(of this world).

You can have your lightening creams and baked faces,

I’m OK resembling Egyptian Queens & African Princesses.

I am authentic, mixed with the richest colors of creations’ canvas,

I’m not watered down with any additives.

I’m not trying to achieve White standards,

I’m not trying to prove my “Blackness”.

I trace my heritage to uncover the mysteries of my strength,

not to look for traces of European or Indian.

I know who I am, was, and God knows what will be;

I’m not ashamed of my identity.

I’ve never been concerned if Black men will accept me….

I accept me,

I embrace me,

I love, honor, respect and cherish me…..(FIRST)!



“A ‘WE’ Matter”

What’s the matter?

We were once your greatest franchise,

lest you forget your “privilege”

was paid for with our lives?

Thought we’d disappear because you industrialized….SURPRISE!

When our backs were no longer bent

we straightened up and realized,

We weren’t the last, but the beginning!

Oh yes, We Matter!

Without ‘We’ there would be no you,

Both history and science converged on this truth.

Our heritage isn’t lost,

Our people didn’t begin as slaves.

What a grievous mistake you made

when you closed your eyes like that would erase (your sins).

Our ancestors blood still ‘colors’ your skin.

As a matter of FACT, we matter.

He faithfully and thoughtfully considered ‘We;

formed us out of land, air & sea;

gave us His name and said, “You are an image of Me.”

We were a people that were framed,

altered our image by changing our names.

Our bodies were beaten as a means to obey,

but they could never break…(our minds).

As a matter of TRUTH, I know we matter.

We’re not an afterthought,

a thing that you forgot to gather,

we have purpose,

we were created on purpose,

Ours is a love as ripe as the Earth is.

We are are the jewels God spoke of on Earth’s surface.
So great that humanity constantly tries to:

eliminate ‘We’,

assimilate ‘We’,

morph into our identity.

Try to diminish the image in the mirror we see;

yet constantly wanting to become ‘WE’

…..without consequence.

And now WE ARE the matter at hand,

a people that cannot be extinguished.

And we’re supposed to smile,

and we’re expected to pray;

while you repeat history and slaughter us because of your hate?

Hate us because we remind you of the truth?

Hate us because you can’t handle the view (of our success)?

Hate us because we’re strong despite you?

Hate us because you think we owe you?

Hate us because we no longer fear you?

Hate us because we discovered the history you force fed us wasn’t true?

This is how we know…WE MATTER TO YOU TOO!




“Great Poets”

What makes a poet great, I ask, beyond his point of view?

Perhaps how he takes tragedy unjust and turns it into fuel,

To rev the engine up for change and run it til’ breakthrough.

And such as past generations die, paving the way for new;

that old engine gets dusted off…and once again refueled.




“Mind Of Her Own”

Some women prefer to be carried, but I prefer to walk.

Feet callused with perseverance, skin burned when the embers of life got too hot.

Hands weathered from breaking stereotypes that failed to hold me in.

Body curves like roads less travelled, with speed bumps, in ALL the proper places!

Some people want to fly, but I…I prefer to soar.

Above the nonsense of those who condemn me, for wanting more.

Give me the experience of life, all the pain & joy;

Let me walk this Earth forever then soar until I am no more.




“Saving Our Kings”

I let my pen bleed;

Praying it is a sufficient sacrifice in place of my Father, Husband and Son.

Like decadent chocolate, my people are being left out in the sun;

Wasting away under six feet of dirt and unjust outcomes.

We have always been hate’s favorite narcotic, we’re smoked (shot),

Injected (death penalty), and inhaled;

Suffocating the majority with the fumes of superiority.

We were planted here, our roots run deep, we cannot simply be pulled up like weeds.

We remind you of your shame so you ask us to leave but embrace us to serve your agenda,

depending on who’s watching?

I beseech, everyone and everything to instead embrace equality,

like a friend we’ve deeply missed but haven’t seen?




“Secrets Of Praying Men”

There’s an unmeasureable strength that lies in solitude, that only a deadman knows;

For the living can’t sit still long enough, to listen to all God knows.

And still we keep striving, to reach for our God-appointed goals.

In an effort to take our final rest and sit at the foot of God’s thrown!

Define yourself, for yourself and others will look up to you.

Created in the image of a King, there’s no enemy you should bow to.

You can’t balance your crown, head tilted, looking down;

Your “nation” seeks your guidance so they won’t kneel to any other crown.

Weary shoulders soothed by God’s appointed Queen.

Allow her to be the gentleness to your strength.

She’s resilient enough to shield you, wise enough to heal you, and let you lead.

God never leaves us alone in our time of need.




“The Wedding Gift”

God is weaving a beautiful tapestry of faith and grace in our lives.

These black and white patterns, stitched together with silver thread,

Are the most beautiful designs…I’ve seen from Him in a long time.

I am honored that God has chosen us to witness it’s creation,

this blanket of love is a gift like none other.

I believe, this is/will be the Lord’s wedding gift to us.

A comforter, created by the Comforter, that we can wrap ourselves in when life hands us


This hand woven blanket masks the foundation for the growing legacy for our marriage.




“To The Ladies”

Ladies, this is also for men but I’m talking to you;

On no level, and under no circumstances should you allow a man to disrespect you.

There is no excuse for it, I don’t care what you do;

It’s not a joke to let a man degrade you.

If you stand for disrespect, there’s no telling what else he’ll do;

Ladies, don’t ever let a man disrespect you.


Ladies, don’t let a man improperly address you.

God gave designated your name as the way he should address you;

Nicknames are titles he can hide meanings through,

There’s a distinct difference between “my baby” and “my boo”

His hidden agendas are how he really sees you;,

Ladies don’t ever let a man disrespect you.


Ladies, don’t let a man put his hands on you;

He calls it “play wrestling” when he’s testing his strength with you

His playful laughs are deceiving you,

Next time he’s mad, he’ll hold you in ways he knows you can’t undo

You could be in public and he fondles you,

Don’t just laugh it off, that mess ain’t cute.

Ladies don’t let a man disrespect you.


Ladies, please don’t let a man call you out your name;

Tell the “hey Ma’s” they need to go home before the street lights come on.

Tell the “yo Shorty’s” to “get on your level” before they criticize your height.

Tell the “you’re something’s” that you have a name, if they can’t pronounce it, they should articulate.

Tell the “sup ho’s bitch” to get on their knees and pray;

It’s gonna take God to save them that day.



book 2.png

“Fairytale Ending”

I once dated a man who wanted perfection,

but all he had to offer was himself.

I sent him on his way, to find such a treasure,

but all he seemed to find were faults.

When finally, he discovered his quest for perfection,

was a road with a dead end;

he retraced his steps, ended up on my steps,

and was greeted by my husband…the end!




“Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda”

Take heed and know, the rantings of a man who ‘would’ve, could’ve, (that) you know.

A man will make time for what he values, regardless of the cost;

if he should’ve, he could’ve, but his values were lost.

IF he had the time, the money, the space…is rarely the real issue, in any case;

when the time permits, the money flows, and there’s cleared space,

the excuses are removed and you’ll see his true face.

So you probably should’ve noticed that he could’ve come through,

if he would’ve tried;

but your sympathy for his should’ve, could’ve, would’ve rendered you blind.

Know that you deserve the best, don’t accept these lies; now that you know the truth,

don’t let there be a next time.





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