I’m sure you’ve already learned so much about me through my posts and our conversations but just in case I’ve missed a few things, I’d like to share a little more!



I’m from Montgomery, AL by way of Brooklyn, NY.  I’m the oldest of 3, but number 6 of 8! I’m sure you can gather by the previous sentence that I come from a blended family; we weren’t all raised together but we love each other all the same.



I graduated high school in 1999 with an advanced diploma. Out of a class of over 300 graduating seniors, I ranked #13 with honors. I was a proud member of my flag squad all 3yrs of high school as well an Oracle Staff Editor the last 2yrs.  I figure, since I did all these wonderful things in high school that no one even cared about when it came to my resume’, this site would be the perfect place to showcase all my wonderful (useless) accolades.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Hampton University in 2008. While I did transition directly to college after high school, life took me on a 2yr sabbatical and when I returned I changed my major to Psychology.  However, I did end up getting my Associate’s Degree in Drafting & Design Technology from Trenholm Technical College in Montgomery, AL.

…And after all this education I’m still crazy enough to aspire to one day earn my PhD.



I never really aspired to write in my early youth, I actually desired to become an Architect. Writing sort of fell into my subconscious when I was around 10yrs old.  I’m ashamed to say that we weren’t really good with telling time using analog clocks; our Mother had me “keep time” by writing down every chore we did for the day along with the show that was on TV when we did it. She used the timing of the TV shows to determine whether we did what we were supposed to do in the length of time she allowed, cleaver right? It would be another year or so before we figured out why we were always in trouble.

My Mother established a routine of writing for me, not knowing it would take on a life of it’s own a year later.  By the age of twelve I began to make my daily journey sound more interesting by turning everything into, what I described as, “story mode”.  All accounts were accurate but the day read more like an adventure rather than the minutes from a meeting.  Of course, as I got older my abilities became stronger and whether I was writing about the Civil War or the satirical nature of a Shakespearean play, my teachers enjoyed reading my essays and poems.

At a particular point in my Christian walk (by the way, I’m also Christian) I began to question “why” & “what”.  Why did God feel it necessary for me to be born?  What is my expected contribution in His Kingdom? Why is my journey so significant?  What do I have to accomplish in life for God to say “Well done my good and faithful servant”? Why do I enjoy writing? What caused me to become so fearful? Why am I afraid of spiders? These questions led to a deeper relationship with God.  When my relationship with God deepened so did my understanding of the journey of life that God specialized for me.  Once I began to value my journey, I developed a deeper understanding of self. This website celebrates my discoveries!