“Walking Through Hell”

Walking through hell, the dark side of my Christianity is exposed. Sounds like a sinful contradiction to the “perfect” Christian, but what we hold back from Heaven, you can believe hell is listening;

“No Tomorrow”

Kiss me like there’s no tomorrow, and I’ll believe all that you say; ’cause on this day I’m yours to borrow, and you may have your way with me. Speak to me with no words, but whisper desires of your fantasies; and I’ll be sure to rapidly, make those desires realities. –L.K.D.–

“Holding Hands In The Rain”

I was drenched by the same rain this man had to endure. The pain, in the form of rain, burned to my soul. After a short time of praying, an angel came down. The darkness became light and dry became the ground. We looked to the sky, and the rain had stopped coming down.

“The Armor Of God”

Have you seen my armor? I seem to have dropped it somewhere between joy and pain. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in reading about it, that I forget for what it was meant. Sometimes I get so focused, that I forget I’m wearing it. Sometimes I’m so comfortable, I take it off, because…

“Late Night Thoughts”

In the late night hours, when all is still; when my mind is calm, when there are no chores to fulfill; when no one is calling, or needing, or pleading…or pulling, or whining, or requiring more. When no eyes are spying or opinions are flying, when all is quite except for the snores….I take out…

“Snakes Whisper Before They Bite”

Oh hunny, you give snakes too much credit, you know they whisper before they bite. That snake didn’t creep up under your bedsheets, like a thief in the night. You enjoyed the way it moved, it’s skin laid curiosity to your mind. You blame the snake for being so cunning, yet take no responsibility for…

“Runaway Stepford Wife: The Fear Of Quitting”

I’m leaving my husband! I’m leaving my husband so I don’t leave my husband. I’ve been with this man for 10yrs, married for (nearly) 3yrs. Tonight, it just dawned on me that I have to leave this house for my sanity, for my health, for the prosperity of our relationship. My husband is a good…

“Secrets Of Praying Men”

There’s an immeasurable strength that lies in solitude, that only a dead man knows; For the living can’t sit still long enough, to study at the foot of God’s throne.

“Purple Women: Women in Tragedy”

It’s a good indication that your moral scale needs a severe re-calibration if you’re desensitized to the gross abuse of another human being because it took too long for the abused to speak up.