“The Hate You Give: The Fear of Losing Control”

“It is my belief that the riot at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday is America’s virus attempting to reject the vaccine of minority power. Who knew all this time we had the “vaccine” in our grasp but neglected to administer it…until now!…

“Welcome to the Apocalypse: The Fear of the End”

“The COVID-19 tragedy has shaken our household to the point that I am fighting depressions and desperation. It seems depression is the tempest that only appears during the storms and this time, I’m not going down without a fight!”

“Mercy Me”

“God cried on these flames of hell, and subdued the flames to smoke. Now out of the ashes, I must rise, to bless others with hope…”

“On Solid Ground”

Lord I Thank You for being my healing when my heart was breaking. My God I Thank You for giving me the courage to succeed…

“Two Of A Kind”

He makes my heart grow, he makes my wisdom sow, he makes me pray for his life about things he’ll never know…

“Heart’s Desire”

I can’t imagine a life with you, but I can’t imagine my life without you. I’m caught somewhere between wanting you and missing you, but I don’t even know who “you” are….

“To The Ladies”

Ladies, this is also for men but I’m talking to you; On no level, and under no circumstances should you allow a man to disrespect you. There is no excuse for it, I don’t care what you do; It’s not a joke to let a man degrade you. If you stand for disrespect, there’s no…

“Great Poets”

What makes a poet great, I ask, beyond his point of view? Perhaps how he takes tragedy unjust and turns it into fuel…

“The Aftermath Of Heartache”

The more I sit and think about it; the more I sit and vent about it; the more I sit and grieve about it; the more I sit and pray about it; the more I need relief about it; because my hopes are dwindling without it.

“A Man’s World”

This is a man’s world, the Bible supports this truth. But women are significant, so men don’t be fooled. Women are the axis on which this world spins, providing it with balance and direction.

“The Wedding Gift”

God is weaving a beautiful tapestry of faith and grace in our lives. These black and white patterns, stitched together with silver thread, Are the most beautiful designs…

“Saving Our Kings”

I let my pen bleed; praying it is a sufficient sacrifice in place of my Father, Husband and Son…


The love of destruction kills any signs of life, yet you question the isolation your actions decree, why?


Can I tell you a story that few seem to know? Success isn’t paved on diamond roads….

“The Vow”

She never agreed to take a vow of celibacy but life forced her hand. Signed her name in tears across the heart of a man who doesn’t love her back. She’s signed that contract at least a dozen times, under duress, blindfolded in the dark, while she cried.

“Following The Joneses &…..The Smiths?!”

No one really knows much about the Joneses except that apparently they are evil incarnate and NEVER make the right choices. If your last name is Jones or your new last name is Jones I suppose your family says, “don’t follow the Smith’s?”

“Sometimes A Woman”

Sometimes a woman must cry in silence. When the tears run so deep they won’t come to the surface, When the pain jolts you but the justification’s exalting…

“Stepping In Time”

My mind is on those silent footsteps, I heard the other day. When no one else heard them, thought I was insane.

“My Sister, My Friend”

My sister, my friend, I feel your pain…the enemy attacks us all, one and the same. His methods may be different, but not how the story ends; It serves you no justice, pouring your sorrows into friends.


When the thorns of life have pierced your skin so fierce, and your life is sinking by how it appears. When no one comes to save you, yet you’re weak and still afloat.


Though I stand atop this mountain, this mountain conquered me, it taught me how to overcome amidst adversity.

“Quill & Scroll”

Can I right you? If I were the ink and you were the words, I’d read you. Inked words on paper are silent, but no need for sound cause…I FEEL you. Much like spell check you automatically let, God…CORRECT YOU. So can I write you? Put MY ink to YOUR words and create verse? You…


The harder I smile, the faster I fall. But I sound alright so you don’t hear me at all.

“Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda”

IF he had the time, the money, the space…is rarely the real issue, in any case; when the time permits, the money flows, and there’s cleared space, the excuses are removed and you’ll see his true face.


Really, how high is the sky? Can I touch the clouds? Cause anything is better than what I feel right now. Anything is better than standing on this ground.

“Dreaming In Agony”

How could God be so cruel as to make me worthy of you? You love me physically and mentally, you support the things that I do. You encourage and inspire me to follow my dreams despite of you.

“Walking Through Hell”

Walking through hell, the dark side of my Christianity is exposed. Sounds like a sinful contradiction to the “perfect” Christian, but what we hold back from Heaven, you can believe hell is listening;

“No Tomorrow”

Kiss me like there’s no tomorrow, and I’ll believe all that you say; ’cause on this day I’m yours to borrow, and you may have your way with me. Speak to me with no words, but whisper desires of your fantasies; and I’ll be sure to rapidly, make those desires realities. –L.K.D.–

“Holding Hands In The Rain”

I was drenched by the same rain this man had to endure. The pain, in the form of rain, burned to my soul. After a short time of praying, an angel came down. The darkness became light and dry became the ground. We looked to the sky, and the rain had stopped coming down.

“The Armor Of God”

Have you seen my armor? I seem to have dropped it somewhere between joy and pain. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in reading about it, that I forget for what it was meant. Sometimes I get so focused, that I forget I’m wearing it. Sometimes I’m so comfortable, I take it off, because…

“Late Night Thoughts”

In the late night hours, when all is still; when my mind is calm, when there are no chores to fulfill; when no one is calling, or needing, or pleading…or pulling, or whining, or requiring more. When no eyes are spying or opinions are flying, when all is quite except for the snores….I take out…

“Snakes Whisper Before They Bite”

Oh hunny, you give snakes too much credit, you know they whisper before they bite. That snake didn’t creep up under your bedsheets, like a thief in the night. You enjoyed the way it moved, it’s skin laid curiosity to your mind. You blame the snake for being so cunning, yet take no responsibility for…

“Runaway Stepford Wife: The Fear Of Quitting”

I’m leaving my husband! I’m leaving my husband so I don’t leave my husband. I’ve been with this man for 10yrs, married for (nearly) 3yrs. Tonight, it just dawned on me that I have to leave this house for my sanity, for my health, for the prosperity of our relationship. My husband is a good…

“Secrets Of Praying Men”

There’s an immeasurable strength that lies in solitude, that only a dead man knows; For the living can’t sit still long enough, to study at the foot of God’s throne.

“Purple Women: Women in Tragedy”

It’s a good indication that your moral scale needs a severe re-calibration if you’re desensitized to the gross abuse of another human being because it took too long for the abused to speak up.

“Love Lessons Through Generations”

What if she had given up? Decided Life was too tough? Believed she wasn’t worth much;
Stopped because the road got rough? What if she had given up?

“The Black Woman’s Gift”

We wield and yield our tone
and tongue as we see fit.
Fully aware that our voice is a gift,
the world can’t reckon with.

“Oh My Soul”

My soul is angry.
“Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU!
You, who are of sound mind, body and authority
are a disgrace to the majority
who deserve protection and peace.

“Reasoning With Sorrow”

I hear YOU Lord,when all the confusion gets even more convolutedand the conspiracy theories seem to have truthful meaningsbecause the truth is withheld I KNOW,YOUR TRUTH still prevails…and I hear You. I hear you telling me, us, them, we,to keep holding on,that Your love is still strongenough to sovereign the crowdwhen our wails deafen the…

“Deeply Rooted”

“Did you know there’s a flower that only blooms after a storm, when everything has fled or died?
Some only see destruction but it sees so much more,
like the opportunity to grow, without obstruction, towards the sky. –L.K.D.–“

“Fairytales Of The Lonely”

I once knew a man who lived a double life,In one town was his mistress in the other a woman who aspired to be his wife. He kept them both happy, whichever one he was with, day and night; bouncing between one & the other only kept him happy all the time. Then one day…