“Snakes Whisper Before They Bite”

Oh hunny, you give snakes too much credit, you know they whisper before they bite.

That snake didn’t creep up under your bedsheets, like a thief in the night.

You enjoyed the way it moved, it’s skin laid curiosity to your mind.

You blame the snake for being so cunning, yet take no responsibility for being unwise.

Nary a snake will ever go hungry, as long as prey like you come to him;

he’ll shed no tears for you hunny, devouring prey ain’t some random whim.

Didn’t you hear his tail rattle, his tongue lulling you with lies?

You didn’t see the others running or notice they left you behind?

Girl some people take snakes for pets, if that’s you then you’re braver than I;

but don’t be surprised to find you can’t tame a snake, they all bite, it’s just a matter of time.

When that snake injected you with venom, tell me, are you now able to recognize;

the sound of a snake’s whisper or will you still be the victim of your own denial?


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