“The Hate You Give: The Fear of Losing Control”

“It is my belief that the riot at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday is America’s virus attempting to reject the vaccine of minority power. Who knew all this time we had the “vaccine” in our grasp but neglected to administer it…until now!…

“Love Lessons Through Generations”

What if she had given up? Decided Life was too tough? Believed she wasn’t worth much;
Stopped because the road got rough? What if she had given up?

“The Black Woman’s Gift”

We wield and yield our tone
and tongue as we see fit.
Fully aware that our voice is a gift,
the world can’t reckon with.

“Oh My Soul”

My soul is angry.
“Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU!
You, who are of sound mind, body and authority
are a disgrace to the majority
who deserve protection and peace.

“Welcome to the Apocalypse: The Fear of the End”

“The COVID-19 tragedy has shaken our household to the point that I am fighting depressions and desperation. It seems depression is the tempest that only appears during the storms and this time, I’m not going down without a fight!”

“Reasoning With Sorrow”

I hear YOU Lord,when all the confusion gets even more convolutedand the conspiracy theories seem to have truthful meaningsbecause the truth is withheld I KNOW,YOUR TRUTH still prevails…and I hear You. I hear you telling me, us, them, we,to keep holding on,that Your love is still strongenough to sovereign the crowdwhen our wails deafen the…

“Deeply Rooted”

“Did you know there’s a flower that only blooms after a storm, when everything has fled or died?
Some only see destruction but it sees so much more,
like the opportunity to grow, without obstruction, towards the sky. –L.K.D.–“

“Fairytales Of The Lonely”

I once knew a man who lived a double life,In one town was his mistress in the other a woman who aspired to be his wife. He kept them both happy, whichever one he was with, day and night; bouncing between one & the other only kept him happy all the time. Then one day…

“Mercy Me”

“God cried on these flames of hell, and subdued the flames to smoke. Now out of the ashes, I must rise, to bless others with hope…”

“On Solid Ground”

Lord I Thank You for being my healing when my heart was breaking. My God I Thank You for giving me the courage to succeed…