“Holding Hands In The Rain”

I woke up one sunny morning as I do every day.
Before I did anything, I got on my knees and prayed.
I looked out the window, but today there was something strange.
Across the street a man was in the dark, standing in the rain.
The man was drenched, he seemed in such pain.
It looks like he’s crying, but how do you distinguish tears from rain?
I called to him, “Sir, why are you in the rain?
At least find some shelter from all that hurt and pain.

The man looked up in my window, and he replied,
“I deserve to suffer from all the hurt Ive caused others, through deceit and lies.”
I said to him, “Sir, do you believe God can forgive all things?
Repent to Him and come out of the rain.”
His response was, “Ma’am, many times I’ve thrown these burdens at His feet.
I’ve gotten no reply…God hasn’t answered me.”

When I heard this man’s story, it broke my heart.
But how could I help him? Where would I start?
I walked over to him, out of my safe ground.
Not knowing what to do, at first, I kept looking around.
I then looked at the man, not knowing what to say;
Suddenly, I decided to hold his hand in the rain.

We both began sobbing and dropped to our knees.
I said, “We won’t stop praying until we’re able to leave these burdens at God’s feet.”
I was drenched by the same rain this man had to endure.
The pain, in the form of rain, burned to my soul.
After a short time of praying, an angel came down.
The darkness became light and dry became the ground.
We looked to the sky, and the rain had stopped coming down.
The man asked the angel, while still on his knees,
“Why, for so long, has God forsaken me?”

The angel replied,
“God never left, you’ve felt this rain as God wept.
The pain you felt was in your own heart;
The darkness you dwelt in, was the faith you let depart.
Your pain lifted, when you forgave self.
Your darkness turned to light, when you renewed your faith in God and YOURSELF.
God had already forgiven you, it was you who felt you had to wait;
You hadn’t realised it, due to lack of faith.
God stopped crying, when you were no longer alone;
When this woman came forth, to help you along.
God needed you to understand, you can’t do everything on your own.”

As the angel left, the man stood to his feet;
He glanced down at me, still crying on my knees.
He said, “You can stop crying, stand to your feet.
Your prayers and love have helped set me free!”
I said, “Sir, my prayers weren’t just that you’d be free;
but I requested the strength to endure as I was sacrificing.
I must continue to thank God for what He’s done for me,
I’m not getting up, until I thank Him sufficiently.”


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