“A Man’s World”

This is a man’s world, the Bible supports this truth.

But women are significant, so men don’t be fooled.

Women are the axis on which this world spins,

providing it with balance and direction.

WE are the water, supporting life and bringing forth ethnicity,

spreading across the land and consuming all that it “seas”.

WE are the fruit men eat to live,

WE are the oxygen that plants give.

WE are the lightening in the storm, when others do us harm.

WE are the warm heat from the sun,

WE are the cold when Summer’s gone.

WE are the ground beneath your feet,

WE are the roots of trees.

For no man can stand without support,

and no man has legacy until life is brought forth.

Man may have come before Eve,

but where would he be if she decided to leave?


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