“The Hate You Give: The Fear of Losing Control”

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2021! Let’s get into it! “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. – Psalms 23:4 -” This bible verse became my mantra last year (and it’s still going strong). COVID created a great deal of change last year and while we’re in the early stages of distributing the vaccine, I’m curious as to when humanity will create a vaccine for America’s true virus, hate, (by way of racism, classism, bigotry, sexism, etc.). Hate has proven itself to be the deadliest virus worldwide, like so many others, it too is manmade and yet our country neglects it while allowing it’s hosts to run rampant infecting others. We, The People, are no longer bridling their tongues, the phenomenon of social media platforms prevents evil from feeling so isolated and they’ve become an organized crime syndicate under various alias’ but united in their goal for White Supremacy.

It is my belief that the riot at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday is America’s virus attempting to reject the vaccine of minority power. Who knew all this time we had the “vaccine” in our grasp but neglected to administer it…until now! It is my prayer that we continue to mass produce this “vaccine” until it becomes a cure. As I’m writing this, my mind ponders the movie “Black Klansman”, based on the true story of a White klansman who blindly befriended a Black man, thinking he was a White man with the same ideals. By the time the klansman realized the man he’d been speaking to for so many years was actually a Black man, they had already formed a bond so solid that love superseded hate. Not only did they become friends, the klansman denounced his status and began to cause others to denounce their supremacy ideals as well. It was a great story…but in real life (now)….many of African Americans already had established relationships with people in the White community ,who still chose hate over us. Even more perplexing are those minorities who politically identify as white supremacists, but are convinced they are “patriots”. I can call a pig a bird but that doesn’t mean it will fly, it means I’m ignorant to the capabilities and characteristics of a pig and therefore need to be educated. However, at this point, saying that these trump supporters lack education is a misapplication of grace. The eruption of hate displayed in America today tells us that hate is their education of choice.

Hate has constipated this country and it’s foundation in such a way that the achievement of true equality has gotten stuck in it’s bowels. Forward movement will not be achieved without a push, a violent discharge of waste that must be discarded in order to journey toward a healthier America. But how much waste are we willing to discard? Truth be told, biases are hidden in the crevices of nearly every entity of the American dream. Popularity is a simple form of establishing the supremacy mindset, just ask anyone, classified as otherwise in grade school, what their experiences were like growing up? How were they treated? Additionally, “church hurt” is rarely achieved because someone felt welcomed, wanted and/or appreciated. The formation of clicks happens in nearly every environment and I’ve encountered a plethora of people who ran for a position and were overlooked because the leaders already had someone in mind but used an election as a formality to pacify the masses.

Yes, there’s so much we need to face as a society, as a People, as a country, on an institutional level and as a member of the human race in general. We are all wrong and we have all been wronged on some level. So how do we keep our compass pointing north in a society that has become increasingly tolerant of all directions? I wish I had the answer to that! My best guess would be to keep your eyes on your own compass, but that contradicts the fact the we are our “brothers keeper”. In any case, it’s my observation that our issues don’t necessarily lie in which direction the needle is pointing in, but rather that a great deal of people don’t seem to have a compass at all. A prime example is how supporters seem to blindly follow trump, a godless society of individuals so desperate to be led by someone that represents their views and their voice; no longer having to cloak themselves in religion that they felt no real connection to in the first place. I’m no minister, but if I were, a part of me would secretly be rejoicing over how the godless have now risen up to reveal themselves, all these people are souls that can be potentially won for the kingdom of God!

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