“When I Get That Feeling: The Fear of…(I have no idea how to explain this one)”

WELCOME BACK!!!  I really appreciate that you still find my posts to be appealing, please continue to spread the word and provide your feedback.  This post will be a very personal post, I hope this helps others.

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I’m a newlywed! My husband and I married in September, we honeymooned for 3days, and then I left for 2mos due to a family emergency.  I returned home in December and ever since, I’ve been getting sick with bad colds every 2wks.  The doctors have found no traces of a fever, infection or virus.  My body isn’t really responding to prescribed meds and not even allergy medicine provides relief.  It wasn’t until today that I received some insight into what’s going on.  To put it simply, I need more sex!

Yes, that’s correct, more sex is the remedy to prevent me from getting sick.  If you’ve started to think of the lyrics to that ever so popular Marvin Gaye song “Sexual Healing”, you’re not alone.  I chuckled at the thought but this is a real problem that women have, with changing times it doesn’t happen much anymore so many aren’t exposed to this process.  When a woman “receives” a man, her immune system recognizes him as “foreign”. A woman’s body is not as accepting and therefore begins to defend itself. In my case, my body thinks I have a cold and so it gives me a cold in order to increase my immunity.  The only way to develop an immunity is to increase exposure.  It’s actually a normal process for a woman to feel constantly ill during her first year of marriage, unless she conceives within the first year, until she gets used to her spouse.

In the 6yrs that my (now) Husband and I were dating we pledged abstinence so it makes complete sense as to why I keep getting sick.  It’s not often that couples wait to consummate their union so of course many women didn’t/don’t/won’t have this experience.  Right now, I envy them all. I despise being sick.  I spent 6yrs focused on following God the best way I knew how, trying to do things in the correct manner, only to now discover that the bonding process is affecting my health.

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