“Encourage Yourself: The Fear of Losing Motivation”

Going through the trials of life can be exhausting, everyone feels drained now & then. When you’re going through, you’re also pulling energy from those around you. It’s reasonable to loathe/sulk or stumble emotionally when you get hit with the unexpected. Sometimes, it seems like once you get delivered from one thing (before you can even say “Thank You Jesus”) you get hit with something else. But that’s how life is sometimes. This also means those around you may not have had time to get their energy up, to encourage you for the next thing & that’s ok too.  Eventually, you’ll run into a phase of life where you have to encourage YOURSELF. Sometimes, you have to practice seeing the good in your situation until you start to believe it. As humans, we can become complacent with outside motivation, instead of building up the motivation within. To prevent us from becoming enabled, there are times that we need to be isolated so we can focus on what’s important.

At some point, for some situations, for some things, you’ve got to encourage YOURSELF. That doesn’t mean reject the encouragement of others, that means to rely on the God IN YOU to pull the best OUT OF YOU.  A self-motivated person is more pleasant to be around. A self-motivated person will find that aid is more available to them when they demonstrate that kind of independence.  A self-motivated person is optimistic about any issue that may arise because they know God has not forgotten them, they trust God’s plan AND His timing. A self-motivated person may require a “pick me up” from time to time but not ALL the time.  So yes, sometimes you have to encourage YOURSELF in order to become a better version of yourself FOR yourself and those around you! 😊

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