“You’re not equipped to carry two crosses”

There’s a very VALUABLE lesson that you learn when God sits you down (not the same as giving up, being lazy, or losing your motivation by the way), one of which is that there are some things that God needs people in your life to experience for themselves to make them strong, so they will appreciate your assistance and learn to depend on God to sustain them.

You can pour yourself out to people, their issues, their relatives, contribute to their finances, encourage and support them for years, but when God sits you down forcing you to check out of responsibilities, it’s overwhelming to those who have depended on you. You generally hope you teach people how to treat you based on how you treat them, but while that concept is logical, the reality of it is not.

Sometimes, God will suspend your ability to provide, for your benefit, as well as the benefit of the other person/people. DO NOT feel guilty. It’s a thin line between helping and enabling. Helping is leading people to the proper resources that can assist. Not taking on everything yourself.

Sometimes, you have to give people their stuff back: “here’s your baggage. here’s your insecurities. here’s your drama. here’s your debt. here’s your brokenness.” In truth, not only was it never your load to carry, you prevent them from sorting through and growing from their own challenges when you take it on as your own.

Sometimes, you feel drained because you’ve been doing too much for others causing them to rely on you. You may even feel frustrated when you haven’t received sufficient recognition, or when your sacrifices are forgotten because your rest period is too long for them & too much weight for them to balance. You see, there’s always going to be what God calls you to do AND what man asks/relies on you for, it’s a balancing act.

You’re not designed to carry two crosses, don’t steal someone else’s victory by becoming the captain of their controversies.

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