“Sexy Parenting: The Fear of Losing the Spark”

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!  I haven’t blogged in a few months so I thought I’d post a rather funny story for my first 2018 entry. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful little girl (KayCee).  I’m a first time parent (through birth), which of course means I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, but I’m having a blast learning.  For instance, today I learned a new technique I like to call, “sexy parenting”.  In the 3 months since KayCee was born, I hadn’t been feeling very “womanly” (if you know what I mean).  Next week our family will be going out of town for a social event so I attempted to carve out a little romance time this weekend.  It took 4hrs, but I finally got our daughter down for her nap.  I snuck into our master bath and lightly applied one of my husband’s favorite fragrances while he was watching football.  I CONFIDENTLY walked into the bedroom wearing lingere and black, lace up, thigh high boots.  I was excited by the anticipation of my husband’s reaction…but he wasn’t there!  I then walked into our living room to find him holding and rocking a screaming KayCee…..time to feed the baby.  My fantasy didn’t actually consist of mixing formula wearing boy shorts and thigh high boots, but that was my reality.

Two weeks after giving birth to my daughter I received this unexplainable surge of energy to my labito.  I couldn’t look at my husband without placing him in a fantasy.   I tried to think of non-sexy things like spiders, carpet colors, etc, because my doctor stressed, “DO NOT HAVE BABIES BACK TO BACK”.  I was convinced that following that advice wouldn’t be a problem, but then my senses went into overdrive.  That surge only lasted for 3wks but it was intense, my paranoia about tearing my stitches kept me from acting on my desires.  Our baby is now 9mos and I’ve noticed that the more I heal, the more creative I’ve had to be with “sexy parenting”.

Since having a baby, being sexy has taken on a new form for me.  I now value desire even more than the act of sex itself.  My physical appearance didn’t suffer after I giving birth, the areas I needed to work on prior to my baby still need work.  THIS will be the “new sexy” in our household for a while.  My husband would spend the rest of the evening trying to put our little one to bed…to no avail.

My sexy boots are now back in their box in the back of my closet for now.  My daily routine consists of nursing, pumping, changing, cleaning, eating, screaming, sleeping, repeat.  I delivered our daughter on Halloween night and while she’s very much a treat, she’s also a great deal of work.  It’s so easy to fall into a schedule that only includes work and baby so I make every attempt to carve out, family friendly, dating activities with my husband.  We are currently our daughter’s only childcare so dating includes daughter.  I’m not giving up though, this just means I have to plan “sexy time” far in advance.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner, it’s a special time for us this year because last year we found out I was pregnant a week later.  Since my husband enjoys puzzles and adventure I think I’ll combine the two and plan a Valentine’s Day he’ll always remember!  As for romance between now and then, we’ll just wing it!

Welcome to parenthood!

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