“Dark & Lovely”

God gave me dark skin to make me as beautiful on the outside as I am within,

He didn’t skimp on any of my ingredients,

A bright smile, an hourglass figure and plenty of pigment;

To protect me from the harsh conditions…..(of this world).

You can have your lightening creams and baked faces,

I’m OK resembling Egyptian Queens & African Princesses.

I am authentic, mixed with the richest colors of creations’ canvas,

I’m not watered down with any additives.

I’m not trying to achieve White standards,

I’m not trying to prove my “Blackness”.

I trace my heritage to uncover the mysteries of my strength,

not to look for traces of European or Indian.

I know who I am, was, and God knows what will be;

I’m not ashamed of my identity.

I’ve never been concerned if Black men will accept me….

I accept me,

I embrace me,

I love, honor, respect and cherish me…..(FIRST)!


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