“Excuse Me While I Walk”


Excuse me while walk?

I didn’t mean to step on your toes on my way to God’s purpose.

I didn’t see you lying on the path, therefore under my feet, you became flooring.

Had I known you were there I would have asked you to move.

Pardon my forceful nature, but I walk in authority, so it may come off as rude.

Excuse me while I walk

My spine was not always strong, regardless of what is suggested.

I had to adjust my diet, and be more mindful of what my spirit was digesting.

I had to exercise my thoughts, to make sure my body and mind stayed clean.

I had to dump the dead weight, that my purse was harboring.

I had to put on my walking shoes, so that I’d be comfortable for my journey.

Once I gave it all to God, I had neither an issue nor a worry.

Excuse me while I walk?

Passing you by was not in the plan;

But somewhere along the lines, you felt all you had to do was stand.

I couldn’t stay still, I had to keep going;

Darkness was steady coming, and the light was steady moving.

I am lead by the light, and in the light is where I’ll stay;

A child of God does not reside in darkness, so when God moves, I’m on my way.

Excuse me while I walk?

You have no clue from whence I came, you were not there, as I was crawling;

Sometimes I ran to get away,

Other times I sat, crying…sobbing, dare not envy my passageway.

The rugged cross that I did carry, was designed for me come what may;

where you are, is not where you’re going.

I also had to pass this way.

Excuse me while I walk!


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