“A ‘WE’ Matter”


What’s the matter?

We were once your greatest franchise,

lest you forget your “privilege”

was paid for with our lives?

Thought we’d disappear because you industrialized….SURPRISE!

When our backs were no longer bent

we straightened up and realized,

We weren’t the last, but the beginning!

Oh yes, We Matter!

Without ‘We’ there would be no you,

Both history and science converged on this truth.

Our heritage isn’t lost,

Our people didn’t begin as slaves.

What a grievous mistake you made

when you closed your eyes like that would erase (your sins).

Our ancestors blood still ‘colors’ your skin.

As a matter of FACT, we matter.

He faithfully and thoughtfully considered ‘We;

formed us out of land, air & sea;

gave us His name and said, “You are an image of Me.”

We were a people that were framed,

altered our image by changing our names.

Our bodies were beaten as a means to obey,

but they could never break…(our minds).

As a matter of TRUTH, I know we matter.

We’re not an afterthought,

a thing that you forgot to gather,

we have purpose,

we were created on purpose,

Ours is a love as ripe as the Earth is.

We are are the jewels God spoke of on Earth’s surface.
So great that humanity constantly tries to:

eliminate ‘We’,

assimilate ‘We’,

morph into our identity.

Try to diminish the image in the mirror we see;

yet constantly wanting to become ‘WE’

…..without consequence.

And now WE ARE the matter at hand,

a people that cannot be extinguished.

And we’re supposed to smile,

and we’re expected to pray;

while you repeat history and slaughter us because of your hate?

Hate us because we remind you of the truth?

Hate us because you can’t handle the view (of our success)?

Hate us because we’re strong despite you?

Hate us because you think we owe you?

Hate us because we no longer fear you?

Hate us because we discovered the history you force fed us wasn’t true?

This is how we know…WE MATTER TO YOU TOO!


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