“Secrets Of Praying Men”

There’s an immeasurable strength that lies in solitude, that only a dead man knows;

For the living can’t sit still long enough, to study at the foot of God’s throne.

And still we keep striving, to reach for our God-appointed goals.

In an effort to take our final rest and sit at the foot of God’s throne!

Define yourself, for yourself and others will look up to you.

Created in the image of a King, there’s no enemy you should bow to.

You can’t balance your crown, head tilted, looking down;

Your “nation” seeks your guidance so they won’t kneel to any other crown.

Weary shoulders soothed by God’s appointed Queen.

Allow her to be the gentleness to your strength.

She’s resilient enough to shield you, wise enough to heal you, and let you lead.

God never leaves us alone in our time of need.


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