“The Trenches Of Love & War”

You try to bury your pain & sorrow inside the innocent;

too naive & young to actually witness it.

The greater your anger the deeper you dig,

until one day you realize the dirt you dug up was all your own shit.

Above ground for everyone to see,

thinking if you stand still they won’t notice you’re hiding behind what you’ve reaped.

I feel sorry for those affected by the stench,

of the past you never got over that’s affecting your decisions.

I said, I feel sorry for those inhaling your stench,

cause the hole you dug for everyone else is protecting them.

What will you do when your past comes for you?

Where will you hide when they uncover the truth?

Exhausted from the weight of shoveling with your pride,

now you’ve got no strength left to deal with all the lies.

I can envision when karma ‘drops the mic’,

see the acidic tears you’re going to cry.

There is no joy that I’ll take in your pain,

but the Truth comes for everyone to cleanse love again.

Fully expected to end up in this trench,

knowing full well that God’s already blessed it.

Had no idea the hole you dug was God’s work

and every foot you dug covered you in your own dirt.

Thank you for once again doing all the labor, barely love yourself,

never expected you to love me as your neighbor.

Run yourself weary trying to catch up to my greatness,

but you’re running a race where you’re the only contestant.

I only chase after The Way, The Light & The Truth;

flesh and bone can’t do for me what God can do.

I pray you figure it out for the benefit of you

and the naive you poison so they’ll embrace Him too.

What sense would it make to fear you?

Kill with your words, but guess what’s coming for you?

No weary fingers, sore back, not even a chipped nail;

we’ll stay right here while you condemn yourself.

Subliminal messages ain’t sublime,

instead of building your nation you’re focused on mine;

living in a glass house you need, to be careful where you walk & the words you speak.

Cause we can see your jealousy is showing,

and that the winds of change are steadily blowing,

and that you’re living in poverty not prosperity;

if you focus on your focus there’s more to life you’ll see.


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