“Walking Through Hell”

Walking through hell, the dark side of my Christianity is exposed.

Sounds like a sinful contradiction to the “perfect” Christian,

but what we hold back from Heaven,

we can believe hell is listening;

to those hidden passageways we’re afraid to bring to light.

Wonder why our community is so small,

well it’s because that darkness soon overtakes light.

What’s the point of following a blind path, hoping to fall off a cliff?

Wishing to end the pain and suffering this world has to give…

my heart, soon departs, and the error of my ways become more right,

as my rights all turn to wrongs;

hearing the cries of others but no one seems to comfort my sobs.

When death becomes the punishment we look forward to,

cause anything feels better than what we’re going through.

And through it we go, as the hands that once helped all start to fold;

for the flames are warmer than they can stand,

so the torch gets passed…until I’m the only one holding it…alone.

Determination presses me on as I accept the fact

that those (friends) who fall weren’t meant to lay eyes on the victory I’m waiting for.

Sometimes the prize is meant for one you see.

But while walking through hell all I see are flames and smoke,

and the agonizing sounds of those who got this far but choked.

I refuse to give up and drown or become someone I no longer know.

Hell is not the place for me, I will never call this place home;

I may pass through, on my path to destiny…

But I’ll be damned, if I never leave.


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