“Quill & Scroll”

Can I right you?

If I were the ink and you were the words, I’d read you.

Inked words on paper are silent,

but no need for sound cause…I FEEL you.

Much like spell check you automatically let,


So can I write you?

Put MY ink to YOUR words and create verse?

You can be my blank scroll so our story, we could…rehearse.

A prison-less prison, a never-ending rainbow.

Merge our black & white and make color wherever we go.

You see…

We, are like a quill & scroll;

My black to your white, your words to my soul.

When ink meets paper a seduction takes place.

What was once blank is now a rainbow by God’s grace.

Words without paper or thought don’t exist;

ink with no form is useless.

Let me write you?


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