“The Vow”

She never agreed to take a vow of abstinence,

but life forced her hand.

Signed her name in tears across the heart of a man

who doesn’t love her back.

She’s signed that same contract at least a dozen times,

Under duress, blindfolded in a dark room, while she cried.

Wishing she could burn down that empty room once and for all,

she keeps getting kidnapped and dragged there by her heart.

Each time the Surgeons procedure works less and less,

but she keeps on giving Him her repentance.


Always the same ending, always the same pleads.

“This time it’ll work, next time he won’t leave!”

So once again she worships him…on her knees…

and he’s “done”; before her smile rises, his is gone.

She’s a virgin, but she’s not proud of that,

there’s no honor she feels,

she hates that damn badge…that label.

There’s no hiding it, everyone knows

she’s chasing it…(chasing love)

She seems to have everything else but regarding love, she’s abstinent.

Envy begins to poison her soul

because the love she has just isn’t enough to console her…

or to release her tied hands

when she feels all alone

on her knees

in the dark.

Just before the next executioner of her dream takes another piece of her life,

she remembers the contract of abstinence she reluctantly signed.

(she’s a virgin to love…once again)


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