“He’s Just Like His Father”

I tell him all the time that he’s just like his Father,

heart on his sleeve & a great problem solver.

He thinks on his toes but he’s light on his feet,

they’re always spying around corners startling me.

They both make me smile & know ways to make me feel better,

when my stress gets high and I’m spinning without a tether.

His Father is my heart and he is it’s beat,

I do all in my power to see them happy.

The more he learns about life, the more he debates me,

I allow it in measure because I enjoy knowing what he’s thinking.

In many ways, like his Father, he evokes a better me.

He sees the world like the younger version of his Daddy,

he swears that he’s different, but those two will soon be “thick as thieves”.

The WORLD couldn’t break them apart,

even though silent whispers in the dark may try,

but not even the darkness can stop Father Time.

So I tell him he’s just like his Father,

his sense of honor, his sense of pride;

because there is no compliment greater

in a Father’s or a son’s eyes.


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