“On Solid Ground”

In times when I barely had enough land to plant my feet

and it seemed as if that little ground was sinking slowly, yet rapidly.

Nothing but a vast sea of despair was all I could see.

My God, I thank you for covering me when in need.

I thank you for carrying me when there was no ground beneath my feet.

There were times when I couldn’t see You, but Your voice was a soothing melody.

When my tears were so plentiful they blinded the path in front of me,

my God I Thank You for sending Your voice to calm me when I wanted to flee.

Lord I Thank You for being my healing when my heart was breaking.

My God I Thank You for giving me the courage to succeed.

For everyone who calls You amazing, for everyone who speaks Your name,

each time I know You’re listening, each time You heal my pain,

all the times You wrapped me in comfort and walked with me through the flames,

whenever Your lessons break me and build me up again,

Lord I just want to Thank You…Your works are not in vain.


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