“Fairytales Of The Lonely”


I once knew a man who lived a double life,
In one town was his mistress in the other a woman who aspired to be his wife.

He kept them both happy, whichever one he was with, day and night; bouncing between one & the other only kept him happy all the time.

Then one day to the clinic he went and discovered a gift he received from his mistress, that she got from the guy she was supposed to be with; and he passed to his main chick, I guess you can say he re-gifted.

There’s no protection in the world that can shield you from a fool especially when you look in the mirror and realize it’s you.

No amount of loneliness should be worth sacrificing your quality of life, even if the only person you sleep with is yourself at night.

Sometimes we don’t know life’s value until it’s threatened or barely surviving, the illusion is that you’re finally living when you’re actually quickly dying.


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