“Deeply Rooted”

“Did you know there’s a flower that only blooms after a storm,

when everything has fled or died?

Some only see destruction but it sees so much more,

like the opportunity to grow, without obstruction, towards the sky.

Yes, the lands are flooded, but it has more than enough to drink.

Despite the storm’s annihilation, there’s more room for multiplicity.


These rain lilies are symbols of the “Brightside” we search for;

seeds planted in the driest weather, but only bloom after the harshest storms. 

This flower lays in waiting for God to clear the land,

for God to make it ready, for God to work His plan.

Just as this flower roots in it’s foundation,

you do also in the foundation of God’s Word.

Feel the wind, yet do not be uprooted,

only those that endure, reap reward!


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