“Reasoning With Sorrow”


I hear YOU Lord,
when all the confusion gets even more convoluted
and the conspiracy theories seem to have truthful meanings
because the truth is withheld I KNOW,
YOUR TRUTH still prevails…and I hear You.

I hear you telling me, us, them, we,
to keep holding on,
that Your love is still strong
enough to sovereign the crowd
when our wails deafen the sound of laughter
as we mourn our dead.
We know what the Bible says,
we just didn’t think it would happen…today.
Lord, I hear You.

I hear You,
I know we…
went our own ways and
twisted some of the things You say,
for our own gain which
You’re now taking away,
But…but…can we just repent and
say sorry and “call it a day?”
No?! Well, okay, we had to try it anyway
But… I hear You.

How should Your children process
what’s happening now?
Because, we need more than sound,
send down Your Comforter now
to help us get through and to the next night?
We need more than knowledge,
we need to feel, “It’ll be alright,”
in Your embrace.
Ancient Words on biodegradable paper
are fading away, turning to dust…
and our tears hit the floor because we don’t
want this anymore,
tell us what to do,
as we slosh around in this mud looking
for You?

We hear You,
Your reception is clear, and strong,
And Your signal reigns out
above everything we thought we’d never be without.
We hear You now!


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