“The Black Woman’s Gift”

We wield and yield our tone
and tongue as we see fit.
Fully aware that our voice is a gift,
the world can’t reckon with.

It’s the same voice
that’s soft spoken when love is in the air, never quiet…
we just succumb to the peace of being revered.

It’s the same voice
that provides confidence during passion,
letting our partner know
we approve of their actions.

It’s the same voice
that cause angels in Heaven
to cry when lifted,
Do you recall the first time
you heard a Black Mother pray
and the atmosphere shifted?

It’s the same voice
that soothes our baby in the womb,
and calms them in a very different way
than Daddy’s do.

It’s the same voice
that springs forth a joyful noise
(through song and SHOUT)
when “going through”
Proclaiming VICTORY is on the horizon,
so effectively, that doubters turnabout!

It’s the same voice
that (some) men say is loud and unruly
when we feel dismissed, disrespected
or ignored intentionally.

Oh, but it’s the same voice
that (when united) FORCES
the world to change
and has protected our People
time and Time and TIME AGAIN!

It’s the same voice
that heals the pains of the past,
It’s the same voice
that rises up to shield our People from malice.
It’s the same voice
to cause the powers that be to shift.
The Black Woman’s Voice
is our strongest weapon,
of God’s Gifts!



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