“Lucifer is the DEVIL: The Fear of Sin”

Ok so the title seems obvious right?!  I bet you read this like, “duh, I already know that”. Well, I’m actually referring to the TV series Lucifer.  Titling a show “Lucifer” is oddly seductive, I mean you’re either completely turned off by it or intrigued right?! I actually felt both and in the end, my intrigue won!  As a Christian, being attracted to a show where the main character is the devil, sends you into a state of flux.  You may find yourself asking questions like, “is this a sin?” Am I living according to God’s Word as I watch this?  What if I like the show and if I do, what does that say about me?  My opinion should always be that the devil is evil, if this show begins to challenge my perceptions then the show is evil and I should reject it, right?  I’m sure you could create endless questions about the show but I’ll just stop here.  In my 35yrs of life there have been events I’ve witnessed and didn’t understand, there are still things I question to this day, but isn’t that the very mystery of life.

Here’s what I understand, our beliefs are what our soul knows, our faith is what our spirit knows and I’m NEVER afraid to challenge my beliefs because they do not shake my faith. My faith has substance, my beliefs are altered as my knowledge increases.  For example, I believed in the Easter Bunny and I had faith in God at the same time, with the exception of the seasonal actors, I’ve never physically seen either.  I saw movies containing stories about them both, I read books regarding them both, I even wrote letters to them both so to me they were real, sight unseen.  I don’t recall how old I was the year my sister and I decided to raid our Brooklyn brownstone apartment for gifts, all I remember is how  upset my Dad was when we found them under the bed. Yes, when sisters devise a plan, they can’t be stopped! It was then that we realized that our belief in Santa Claus was unfounded or imaginary.  It didn’t mean that our parents lied, they encouraged our imagination and we completely enjoyed that, even after we knew the truth. Did discovering the truth about Santa Claus shake our faith in God?  Not even a ripple.  Most people are afraid to challenge their beliefs by weighing other options because they feel that anything that serves as a challenge is, well…..the work of the devil.

Speaking of the devil, let’s circle back around to Lucifer, the show not the actual fallen Angel.  Surprisingly, my favorite character in the show is…Lucifer; I know…I know….how can I call myself a Christian for liking Lucifer. I’m going to burn in hell for even thinking so much less actually saying it.  Well, I’m glad men don’t decide my fate, aren’t you?  Here’s why I like the character, he’s hilarious, he’s self-centered, self-motivated, materialistic, indulgent, handsome, vain, sexually appealing and overly so.  He has all the characteristics which threw him in hell in the first place, he indulges in life and he craves acceptance at the same time.  All of those things are HUMAN traits….human.  Get it?! I am attracted to the humanity of the character.  The human condition IS sinful. When Adam and Eve exhibited human traits, they too were cast out.  When Moses demonstrated human traits, he was not allowed to journey into the promised land.  There is something about humanity that prevents us from being worthy of ALL of God’s goodness but rather His forgiveness.

My husband and I watched the show from the very first episode to give it a chance.  After the first season, we came away with the consensus that it challenged our believe that the devil is evil incarnate who’s purpose is to convince man to fall.  Yes, he caused a little chaos and confusion but he never actually had any influence on anyone’s decisions. Even so, it was VERY CLEAR that he seduced the supporting characters into acting on their desires instead of trying to be perfect, which introduced the importance of bridling our minds.  The sins of the heart start in the mind so those who allowed their minds to entertain wrong thoughts were already operating sinfully. No, the character Lucifer isn’t painted as an innocent saint but rather a mischievous humanoid. In the show, Lucifer knows God’s laws and he instinctively and passionately delighted in punishing those who broke God’s laws without remorse or repentance.  What if we actually entertained the idea that our poor decisions aren’t the result of evil whispers in our ear, what if we actually took responsibility for our own actions? What if the devil DIDN’T make me do it?

The second season started a few days ago and I was READY!  I grabbed my comfy throw, my pillow, a snack, a beverage and I positioned myself on my favorite corner of my couch ready for my husband to join me, but he didn’t.  Instead, his body language was guarded and he stayed in the dining room and glanced from afar. I found it odd, but prevent a debate of “no i’m not, I’m here for a different reason” I ignored it.  According to the many established wives I’ve spoken to, this was the first of about a trillion times that I’ll have to ignore things.  After the first few minutes I was laughing and all intrigued like I was reading a murder mystery when all of a sudden here comes a rolling mumble of words that resembled a storm’s thunder.  My husband mumbles…A LOT.  It’s one of those traits I wish would dissolve into a black hole but in 6yrs I’ve had no such luck.  However, a certain tone in his mumbling is always related to what he doesn’t like.  True to form, his mumbles were followed with, “this show just makes the devil human and it’s trying to convince you that he’s good, or to like the devil.” Basically, he said it’s going against the Bible.  But is it really?

Do you over eat what doesn’t taste good? Do you ever desire something that isn’t desirable? Have you never entertained sexual thoughts, desires or acts before marriage?  I haven’t met a human, whose name wasn’t Jesus the Messiah, that didn’t get some type pleasure out of being a little bad. The show labels Lucifer’s main job as punishing the guilty, that’s it!  He doesn’t tell people to commit heinous crimes or purposely get in the way of God’s plans for their lives.  As a matter of fact, as odd as it may seem, he communicates with his Father God quit frequently in the show to ask for favors and permission. He’s as an entity who has serious “Daddy” issues, a superiority complex, and an innate desire to punish the guilty. What if the devil simply does the job that God him the authority and power to do, which is punish the guilty?  What if the devil isn’t running rogue on the Earth forcing people to commit sins, what if God still maintains ALL power over everything?

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