Really, how high is the sky? Can I touch the clouds?

Cause anything is better than what I feel right now.

Anything is better than standing on this ground.

Anything seems better when you’re swimming in denial.

As I, kiss the ground for being alive.

Sing, praises to God for always providing. Me?

I struggle with the things I see and wonder about what I don’t.

Hold me down Lord as We walk this TIGHT rope.

If I could, tie a lasso around a cloud,

I’d hang myself so I could die at God’s feet.

I’d die to be near Him and away from this dying scene.

For when last I saw you breathing and at the dawn of Heaven you’re living.

No time would pass between our meetings;

No tear-soaked ground would quench the roots of trees.

When I first saw you, and last you saw me.

I fertilize the ground above with my tears,

The ground below reclaims your blood, recognizing no age;

Tears and blood are the same to a broken heart.

As salt, seasoned with love, returns to the earth;

The circle of life, but how do you live with the hurt?

Crucified for speaking my pain, depression is sin;

so let me die as both my reward and punishment.

Hang my sorrow high, but bury it quick, so no one misses it.

To watch life die is a choice not all can live with.


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