“Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda”

Take heed and know, the rantings of a man who ‘would’ve, could’ve, (that) you know.

A man will make time for what he values, regardless of the cost;

if he should’ve, he could’ve, but his values were lost.

IF he had the time, the money, the space…is rarely the real issue, in any case.

When the time permits, the money flows, and there’s so much space you hear echoes;

when the excuses are removed and you’ve run out of grace…suddenly you see his true face.

So you probably should’ve noticed that he could’ve come through,

if he would’ve tried;

but your sympathy for his should’ve, could’ve, would’ve rendered you blind.

Know that you deserve the best, don’t accept these lies; now that you know the truth,

don’t let there be a next time.


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