When your tears start to flow so plentiful,

A river forms and they’ve nowhere to go.

Treading water is exhausting, your arms are tired, your legs are burning.

Fighting what comes naturally;

until you realize this is beyond what you see.

Show that you trust Him the most, simply let go and FLOAT.

When the thorns of life have pierced your skin so fierce,

And your life is sinking by how it appears.

When no one comes to save you, yet you’re weak and still afloat.

Gather together all your thorns, build yourself a boat…and COAST.

When your river runs no more and your boat meets the shore, take rest.

Allow the sun to feed you and strengthen your weariness.

Rise up from the thorns and behold all you’ve endured, as your test.

Until the rain hits your face and you’re drenched and dismayed;

Find the shelter God made, don’t just sit and complain, RUN!

When the ground has dried, allow your fears to subside.

Among the snakes that may hide and the bugs that catch you by surprise;

Under the leaves of the trees that neither change colors nor leave;

Where the roots marry the ground, and with a faith equally sound…WALK!

When healing seems so far away, look back from whence you came.

You didn’t drown from sorrow’s sting, a boat was built when you were weak.

You had God’s love to make you strong,

He provided shelter when you needed some.

You tasted patience, devoured humbleness;

you now have grace and earned respect.

Strong in God and still evolved, have faith in God, and His hollowed ground!


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