“My Sister, My Friend”

I’m scared for you, my sister, my friend;

That your joy was not stolen but borrowed without mention (in the night).

That you “woke up” this morning with no ending to this issue in sight.

I see you continuing, in denial, as if it doesn’t phase you;

yet you yield your voice, to friends, who will lend you an ear to sedate you.

My sister, my friend, I feel your pain…the enemy attacks us all, one and the same.

His methods may be different, but not how the story ends;

It serves you no justice, pouring your sorrows into friends.

It’s just another form of temporary gratification.

The Word of God is law, the Word of God is Truth,

But you can’t hear Him speaking, you’re so wrapped up in you.

How you feel, how you see, the attacks of the enemy.

The same cycle, the same end, that’s insanity’s definition.

You can’t change them, you can only change you;

but somehow, I don’t think this message is getting through.

My sister, my friend, know this much is true;

The enemy WILL NOT stop, until he’s completely destroyed:

You…your friends, your family, your kids,

the stranger on the street, (that you have yet to meet)

your finances, your career, your car and other material possessions,

your mind, your heart, all this and more WILL be torn apart.

Choose to follow Christ who already resides in you…

or let the devil have his way, the choice is up to YOU!



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