Can I tell you a story that few seem to know? Success isn’t paved on diamond roads….

“The Vow”

She never agreed to take a vow of celibacy but life forced her hand. Signed her name in tears across the heart of a man who doesn’t love her back. She’s signed that contract at least a dozen times, under duress, blindfolded in the dark, while she cried.

“Following The Joneses &…..The Smiths?!”

No one really knows much about the Joneses except that apparently they are evil incarnate and NEVER make the right choices. If your last name is Jones or your new last name is Jones I suppose your family says, “don’t follow the Smith’s?”

“Sometimes A Woman”

Sometimes a woman must cry in silence. When the tears run so deep they won’t come to the surface, When the pain jolts you but the justification’s exalting…

“Stepping In Time”

My mind is on those silent footsteps, I heard the other day. When no one else heard them, thought I was insane.

“My Sister, My Friend”

My sister, my friend, I feel your pain…the enemy attacks us all, one and the same. His methods may be different, but not how the story ends; It serves you no justice, pouring your sorrows into friends.


When the thorns of life have pierced your skin so fierce, and your life is sinking by how it appears. When no one comes to save you, yet you’re weak and still afloat.


Though I stand atop this mountain, this mountain conquered me, it taught me how to overcome amidst adversity.