“Stepping In Time”

My mind is on those silent footsteps, I heard the other day. When no one else heard them, thought I was insane.

“My Sister, My Friend”

My sister, my friend, I feel your pain…the enemy attacks us all, one and the same. His methods may be different, but not how the story ends; It serves you no justice, pouring your sorrows into friends.


When the thorns of life have pierced your skin so fierce, and your life is sinking by how it appears. When no one comes to save you, yet you’re weak and still afloat.


Though I stand atop this mountain, this mountain conquered me, it taught me how to overcome amidst adversity.

“Quill & Scroll”

Can I right you? If I were the ink and you were the words, I’d read you. Inked words on paper are silent, but no need for sound cause…I FEEL you. Much like spell check you automatically let, God…CORRECT YOU. So can I write you? Put MY ink to YOUR words and create verse? You…


The harder I smile, the faster I fall. But I sound alright so you don’t hear me at all.

“Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda”

IF he had the time, the money, the space…is rarely the real issue, in any case; when the time permits, the money flows, and there’s cleared space, the excuses are removed and you’ll see his true face.


Really, how high is the sky? Can I touch the clouds? Cause anything is better than what I feel right now. Anything is better than standing on this ground.

“Dreaming In Agony”

How could God be so cruel as to make me worthy of you? You love me physically and mentally, you support the things that I do. You encourage and inspire me to follow my dreams despite of you.

“Walking Through Hell”

Walking through hell, the dark side of my Christianity is exposed. Sounds like a sinful contradiction to the “perfect” Christian, but what we hold back from Heaven, you can believe hell is listening;